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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do your services cost?

Typically 30% of the total proceeds from the sale.

How much time do you need to get a sale ready?

Generally it takes about a week to prepare for a sale, however; in some cases it would take more time.

What do I have to do to prepare for the sale?

Not much. The hardest decision you have to make is what to sell and what to keep! I arrange, price, and conduct the sale. You do not have to be present during the sale. It's my job to handle virtually everything from start to finish.

Should I try to conduct a sale myself?

Possibly, if you are up to the task of organizing and pricing all the items you wish to sell and if you know the value of what you are selling. You will also need to know how to advertise effectively and, of course, how to conduct the sale! It's a pretty big job, and it's not as easy as one might think! In addition and on a more personal level, it's often difficult for family members to sort through and sell items that once belonged to love ones. Being aware and sensitive to this fact; we focus on the task at hand and get the job done in timely, efficient and respectful manner. 

How do you let the public know about the sale?

I send Emails, list your sale on EstateSales.Net, in the local newspaper & put up signs in the surrounding area on the days of the sale.

Why choose Upscale Resale Estate Sales over other estate sale professionals?

I am the sole owner of the company, and I am a lifelong resident of the Coast who has a good reputation in the community. I am familiar with the local neighborhoods and the people who live there, and I am knowledgeable concerning the valuation of antiques and collectibles, as well as "junktiques" and knick-knacks. I pride myself on being dependable, energetic, honest and personable.

Do you have others who help you?

Yes, a dedicated and friendly staff of three family members with a combined total of more than 50 years of knowledge of furniture, jewelry, guns, antiques & collectibles. 

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