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Estate Sale Myths:

MYTH: My house should be empty before I put it on the market to sell

An estate sale is like an open house with hundreds more people attending. We get an average of 3 offers on a house during an estate sale weekend! We recommend having a realtor onsite during the sale to answer questions, or at least provide flyers if you plan to rent or sell home yourself.  

MYTH: Sales do better in Spring & Summer

There is less competition with other estate sales and garage sales during the fall and winter months. Estate Sales are indoors, so unless it is icy or the power is out, our sales have plenty of traffic. Plus, people are looking for presents and items to sell for the holiday shopping season!

MYTH: I should donate clothing, magazines, old kitchenware, etc before having an estate sale company do a consult

These items can have value, sometimes great value. We sell Everything from food to clothes to antiques to flat screen tvs. Almost every consultation we've been to, items have been donated or slated for donation when they can bring in hundreds of more dollars. "If it's good enough to donate, it's good enough to sell!"

MYTH: Furniture is what makes money at an estate sale

There are always exceptions to the rule, but do not count on the furniture to bring in the bulk of the proceeds. Housewares, tools, kitchenware, collectibles, and jewelry make up most of the revenue for most sales. We are finding small, apartment sized furniture is doing well this year.  

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